Based on the Biodesign Innovation process developed by the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, Perth and Adelaide Biodesign are fast-paced, hands-on courses for aspiring biomedical innovators and entrepreneurs with a drive to improve healthcare in Australia and around the world. Over 6 months, multidisciplinary teams identify unmet clinical needs and work towards providing a solution, whilst learning about the medical device development process of prototyping, writing patents, developing regulatory, IP, reimbursement, business and funding strategies. Biodesign Australia is an activity of Accelerating Australia. Click here if you would like to find out more about Accelerating Australia’s other biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship courses, commercialisation advisory sessions and ecosystem support.

Team Structure

The typical structure of a Biodesign Australia team includes passionate individuals with a clinical, engineering, business and research background. Further we are seeking optimal diversity in teams and cohorts and welcome different age groups, experience levels, gender, and ethnicity. Our participants range from senior students to experienced professionals, however we encourage anyone with a strong passion for medtech and healthcare innovation to make an enquiry.



business professionals


Biodesign Australia provides a biomedical technology design course, in which participants engage in a clinical immersion to observe and identify unmet medical needs of patients and clinicians. The Biodesign process teaches how to identify the most promising unmet need, create a needs specification based on in-depth understanding of the need, and invent specifically to meet this need. The course also focuses on nurturing the participants to become biomedical entrepreneurs with a diverse skill set and provide the tools to plan their biomedical enterprise and develop relationships with commercial partners and investors. Although the course is focused primarily on teaching the concepts behind biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship, participating teams will also have the opportunity to make prototypes, file patents, create a company, write a business plan and develop an investment pitch.

The course is suitable for clinicians, engineers, business professionals, scientists and other health professionals at a senior, early career and university student level.

Biodesign Australia is independent from Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign and Stanford University. Click this link for a full list of programs affiliated with Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign.