KneeSense is working to improve patella instability monitoring in adolescents to improve the outcome of post injury rehabilitation.

What drew you to the problem you are working to solve in Biodesign?

We wanted to be agile and address a problem that would enable us to use leading technology to deliver a solution within the timeframe of the course.

What have you learned/gained from the Biodesign process?

Many things! New skill sets around design thinking, business drivers, rapid decision making in the face of ambiguity, the value of teamwork and the infrastructure available to support innovation. It’s been a fabulous opportunity to network and learn from others.

What are the next steps for the team/team members after the course?

We will continue our journey with KneeSense and develop a working prototype to collect the first tranche of clinical data.

What do you want to be doing 10 years from now?

After KneeSense has gone global, we will be focused on presenting our innovative pipeline to a long line of hungry investors!

What would be your advice to someone considering taking the course in 2019?

Do it! Challenge yourself to work with other people passionate about innovation and equip yourself with the knowledge and network to make it happen.


Expressions of Interest for the 2019 Perth Biodesign course are now open. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to receive an application form early next year!

Team members Selam Ahderom, Martine Keenan, Robert Knott and Joe Davis.


Alumni Mentor: Shane Stone

Business Mentor: Liz Dallimore

Team Members

Selam Ahderom

Dr. Selam Ahderom is a researcher and educator originally from Africa. His research focus includes the development of optical and electro-optic systems, optical coherence tomography for medical imaging and machine learning models applied to optical systems. He has a PhD in Engineering from Edith Cowan University.

Robert Knott

Previously a teacher in the UK, UAE and Australia, Rob made the switch to business after completing an MBA at UWA. He has now been in management consulting for 4 years and is a Manager in Supply Chain and Operations at Ernst & Young.

Martine Keenan

Martine is CEO and Head of Drug Discovery at Epichem, which provides products and services in synthetic and medicinal chemistry to the drug discovery and pharmaceutical industries. A medicinal chemist with 20 years’ experience, she was inspired to be a scientist after watching a documentary on the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Joe Davis

Joe is a Veterinary surgeon with over 15 years clinical experience in the UK, New Zealand and Australia across a range of species working in both private practice and for government.  He is currently studying a post graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The University of Western Australia.